Mobile Solutions Training Recap

Hey everyone! Rudy here…

I just wanted to give you a rundown of the awesome Mobile Solutions training, that Davis Distribution hosted last night. Mobile Solutions owner, Bryan Schmidt, was the key presenter/trainer for the entirety of the session. For years, Bryan has made a business of equipping installation bays & teaching installers how to do quality work, while also making more money in the process. Bryan was enthusiastic from the beginning and offered a wealth of information, that everyone who attended could benefit from.

Kicking things off, he stressed the importance of the practical details that sometimes go unnoticed. His list included: uniformed employees, clean and organized install bays, introducing your clients to management for an up front and friendly first impression, and even the idea of shops setting up a “design station” where you can sit down with your clients and really address their needs.
Half way through the presentation, Bryan started going through Mobile Solution’s product. He went into detail about their Smart Templates, which are essentially different shaped sets of nested frames, that can be used on a routing table, to stream line custom jobs (for example, a custom woofer enclosure, or a custom speaker door panel).

Next, he talked about the different router bits they offer, specifically the Edge Chamfer Router Bits, which can be used to make smooth, rounded edges.

I would say, the main take away from the training would be the emphasis that Bryan put on how shops can really make money selling the service of custom fabrication. It can be used as a key differentiator, and presents an exceptional occasion to sit down with your customer and spec the job out. This allows you to ask questions and really hone in on the customers wants, needs, and expectations.

Selling prefabbed product is fine, and I would consider it a major back bone to our industry. However, there is the potential, with custom work, to charge more and give the client something completely individualized.

Personally, one of my biggest takeaways, from the training, is how Mobile Solutions offers a unique opportunity for your shop, by making custom work more accessible for the shop owners who might be on the fence about diving into custom fabrication jobs.
The best part is, if this is something you want to dip your toes into, you’re not alone! Take advantage of the assets that are available to you. Mobile Solutions offers Master Tech Trainings where you can get hands-on instruction.

By the end of the class, you will have created your very own custom piece. Mobile Solutions also has a YouTube channel, where you can go to get some great information. Another good resource, that Bryan presented during the training, is the YouTube channel “CarAudioFabrication”. Mark, the channel’s owner, has videos detailing certain Mobile Solution jobs.

Visit for weekly Thursday trainings featuring Brian and Mark.
Last, but not least, you have US! Please reach out to us with your questions and concerns. As always, our Sales Team is here to help! Remember “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

– Rudy

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